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Jakiro, the Twin Headed Dragon, is a polycephalic Pyrexae dragon with the powers of ice and fire as their birthright. His very birth was an anomaly among the Pyrexae, because he was hatched from a single egg with two heads sharing a single body. Defying the very process that ensures the strength of the Pyrexae species, Jakiro is shunned as an anathema among his race and even hunted down by his own kin, with dragonslayers making his life much harder.

But his race did not consider that Jakiro himself was a true testament to the Pyrexae's strengths. Although a single Pyrexae has a powerful affinity to a single element, Jakiro can wield the full range of every ability found in the diverse Pyrexae species with great synergy. With such power contained in a one in a million, no foe is safe as the elements combine in Jakiro to render his enemies into an unrecognizable mess of ice crystals and blackened flesh.


Twin Headed Tokenomics

Low tax for easy and secure trading yet powerful enough to handle a twin headed monster for the entirety of its life.

Supply Limits

Total Supply: 1,000,000

Max Wallet: 2%

Max Buy / Sell: 1%

Transaction Tax

Total Tax: 5%

Marketing: 3%

Development: 1%

True Burn: 1%

True Burn

Unique mechanics that completely burn supply off the blockchain forever.


Fire & Ice Roadmap


Fire Phase

During the Fire Phase, we will look to grow, expand, and have heavy focus on our community and twitter outreach. We will be focused on getting as many eyes and community members as possible during this phase.

Ice Phase

During the Ice Phase, this is when massive marketing moves, partnerships, audits, and listings will be put into play. The Ice Phase will be our retail push that allows us to really focus on our holder count as it grows by the thousands.

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